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Clement XI 1709 Procession of Image of the Savior

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

Clement XI 1709 Procession of Image of the Savior Photo

Official Annual Medal of Clement XI, Anno IX, 1709, depicting the procession of the Sacred Image of Jesus of the Lateran. This medal, by Ermenegildo Hamerani, records the prayers and procession made at Rome for the protection of the Papal States following the conquest of Naples by Joseph I. Beautiful XF+ with a lush brown patina, only the barest of high spot rub, a couple of minor field spots on obverse. A small obverse break, which would become more pronounced by the time of the Mazio 1824 operation, shows that the die had been struck a number of times before reaching this example.

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Clement XI
Anno IX
R.Z. 391
Papal States
Ermenegildo Hamerani