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Pius IX 1863 Medal, Council of Trent 52mm

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

Pius IX 1863 Medal, Council of Trent 52mm Photo

1863 bronze medal issued by Bishop Benedetto Riccabona, Bishop of Trent for the third centenary of the Council of Trent. Obverse: Pope Pius IX left. Reverse: ANNO MDCCCLXIII TRIDENTI BENEDICTVS DE RICCABONA EPISCOPVS PRINCEPS CLERVS ORDO ET POPVLVS TERTIA FESTA SAECVLARIA OBEVNT A CONCILIO MAGNO ABSOLVTO. By Francesco Bianchi. Beautiful condition, graded NGC MS63 Brown with hints of red. In a true oversize holder, about the size of a tablet!

The Council of Trent convened on December 13, 1545 by order of Pope Paul III to issue a definitive declaration of the Doctrines of the Church in answer to the Protestant heresies and to reform the Church by removing the abuses that had developed in it. The council defended and clarified fundamental truths of Christianity including: the authority of the Bible, original sin, the Mass and the Sacraments. The Council concluded in 1563 under Pope Pius IV.

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Pius IX
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