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Benedict XV (1914-22) A.VII Silver St. Ephrem

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

Benedict XV (1914-22) A.VII Silver St. Ephrem Photo

Official silver Annual Medal, year VII (1921), in memory of Benedict XV's encyclical PRINCIPI APOSTOLORUM for the proclamation of Saint Ephrem as the Doctor of the Universal Church. Reverse depicts Saint Jerome with a lion on the left, Saint Ephrem on the right.; Holy Ghost above. Beautiful About Unc/Unc. The final medal of Pope Benedict XV.

On Saints Jerome and Ephem, Benedict XV writes: "...these two illustrious men have much in common. They are almost contemporary, both were monks, both lived in Syria, and both were outstanding for their study and knowledge of the Scriptures. You may rightly compare them to 'two shining lights,' one illuminating the West, the other the East."

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Benedict XV
Anno VII
R.Z. 880
Papal States
Aurelio Mistruzzi