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Sede Vacante 1830 Agostino Chigi Bronze Medal

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

Sede Vacante 1830 Agostino Chigi Bronze Medal Photo

Bronze medal issued by the Marshall of the conclave, Prince Agostino Chigi, for the 1830 Sede Vacante after the death of Pius VIII and before the election of Gregory XVI. Obverse: Coat-of-arms of Prince Agostino Chigi, draped, with two keys on drapery, crowned with princely coronet, crossed keys and papal umbrella above shield. Reverse: Agostino Prince Chigi Perpetual Marshal of the Holy Roman Church, 1830. Rare, catalog # Boccia-97.

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Sede Vacante 1830
Sede Vacante
Papal States
Luigi Gennari