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Italy: Pavia Denaro 961-73 Otto I Medieval Coin

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

Italy: Pavia Denaro 961-73 Otto I Medieval Coin Photo

PAVIA, silver denaro coin of Otto I, King of Italy (951-73) and Holy Roman Emperor (962-973). Obverse: Around, IMPERATOR; at center, OTTO. Reverse: Around, VVGVSTVS; at center, PAPIA. 17mm, nicely toned with some reflective surfaces and nicely centered. Graded VF35 ICG.

After 960, when Berengar II attacked the northern Papal States, Pope John XII appealed to Otto I for assistance. In 962, the pope crowned Otto emperor. When Otto left Rome to fight Berengar, John XII--who had looked for a protector and not a master--began intriguing against him with Berengar's son, causing an infuriated Otto to return to Rome. After making the Romans swear never to elect a pope without his consent, Otto presided over a synod that deposed John XII and elected Leo VIII. A revolt in Rome followed and Otto returned a third time to depose the newly elected Benedict V!

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951 - 973