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1728 Card. Niccolo Coscia Medal 45mm

Note: This is an archived product and not currently available for sale.

1728 Card. Niccolo Coscia Medal 45mm Photo

1728 bronze medal of Cardinal Niccolo Coscia minted by the ecclesiastical college of Pietradefusi (Avellino), his hometown. Lovely brown Unc with hints of red, a very nice item of historical interest. 45mm across, by Ottone Hamerani. Very rare.

Benedict XIII, who maintained his monkish lifestyle even as pope, put trust in Niccolo Coscia and allowed him a free hand. Coscia appointed like-minded self-seekers from Benevento to influential positions, including secretary of state. His policy was to isolate the pope from his cardinals, and systematically enrich himself and his coterie by selling offices and accepting bribes; in the end, the pope was advised exclusively by this corrupt and unscrupulous inner circle. On the death of Benedict XIII, Coscia fled Rome, and the wrath of the Roman people, for his maladministration of papal finances.

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